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Petrie Museum research publications


Forthcoming publications:

  • Quirke, S. G. J. (2013). Birth tusks: the armoury of health in context - Egypt 1800 BC.
  • Quirke, S. G. J. (2013). Collecting Type: the archaeologist Flinders Petrie as purchaser 1880s-1920s.
  • Quirke, S. G. J. (2013). Going out in Daylight: the Egyptian Book of the Dead - translation, sources, meanings.

Selected Publications

  • Dr Debbie Challis (2013) The Archaeology of Race -The Eugenic Ideas of Francis Galton. Visit the book launch!
  • Quirke, S. (2009). Petrie archives in London and Oxford. In D. Magee, J. Bourriau, S. Quirke (Eds.), Sitting beside Lepsius. Studies in Honour of Jaromir Malek at the Griffith Institute (pp. 439-461). Leuven: Peeters.

The 3DPetrie project has produced publications relating to 3D imaging in museums.

For further information about research publications about the Petrie collection please browse the publications and  papers by Stephen Quirke , or on the UCL Discovery website or search on the UCL Library website.

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